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Building advanced yet easy to use specialized machines for every purpose. Together with our powerful CNC, the ultimate tool to maximize the production efficiency, You’ll be producing excellent results easier than ever.

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Worldclass results

With our experience and the best components obtainable in the current marketplace we’re building cutting edge forming & bending machines which will raise your expectations of what is do-able.


Looking for Roundo?

The staff at SweBend is composed entirely of former Roundo senior staff members, designers, engineers, technicians and assemblymen.– any upgrade, spare part, service, overhaul or inquiry that You’d might have regarding a Roundo machine: We’re here to help!

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Unmatched efficiency

With our powerful and easy to use CNC system called SEVEN You’ll crush previous production times and quality. We’re on a mission to upgrade even analog machines, all done in just three days!

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Bending made easy, fast and great!

Watch our SB4 65S create magnificent results with just the touch of a few buttons.

Machine groups

Is your desired machine operation not listed? Don’t worry, we solve all bending challenges! Although these are the types of bending machines that we usually get inquiries about.

Section bending

Section bending

Discover our powerful hydraulic powered three and four roll machines (SB3 and SB4 series) and also variable Geometery Machines (VSB3). The series is built with quality steel and perfectly matched components. In the standard range, machine shaft diameters go all the way from 55 mm up to 420 mm.

Plate bending

Plate bending

The three and four roll (PB3 and PB4) as well as the variable geometery design (VPB3) are all performance driving and equipped with extremely durable hardened rolls. The top roll diameters from 100 mm (4 inches) up to 900 mm (36 inches) and lengths from 500 mm (20 inches) up to 8 meter (27 feet) are available.



Experience the third industrial revolution through our CNC-system with razor-sharp accuracy. Perfect results are just a few clicks away!

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Tube bending

SweBend is representing SCHWARZE-ROBITEC in Sweden and Denmark. Schwarze-Robitec is the leading manufacturer of tube-bending machines in the world.



Custom built forming Machines for flanges, small, medium and large, rim production, welding positioners etc, are all developed, constructed and built on request. We have a diverse palette of machines especially adapted for specific needs!

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Flights, augers and spiralling

SweBend offers a unique know-how in the field of specialty machines for flights, augers and conveyors. This also includes normal spiralling of flat bar, pipe and angle.

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