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We work with the world’s best bending companies: Barnshaws, Danvals, Den Oudsten, Kersten Europe, Sjølund and Van Rijsoort.

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SweBend bending machines

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With our experience and the best components obtainable in the current marketplace we’re building cutting edge forming & bending machines which will raise your expectations of what is do-able.


Looking for Roundo?

The staff at SweBend is composed entirely of former Roundo senior staff members, designers, engineers, technicians and assemblymen. Any upgrade, spare part, service, overhaul or inquiry that you’d might have regarding a Roundo machine: We’re here to help!

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Unmatched efficiency

With our powerful and easy to use CNC system called SEVEN you’ll crush previous production times and quality. We’re on a mission to upgrade even analog machines, all done in just three days!

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Bending made easy, fast and great!

Watch our Section Bending machine, SB4 65S, create magnificent results with just the touch of a few buttons.

Driving performance at the world’s best bending companies,

The path of Quality, Raw power and Innovation

SweBend bending machines

The beginning...

The story of SweBend originates with Roundo®, once considered the worlds best bending machine manufacturer, with clients such as Rolls-Royce, John Deere, Toyota, Volvo and over 16,000 machines delivered all over the world. When the founder passed away, Peter Nilsson, whom he had mentored for almost 30 years, was appointed as his successor. Following a change of ownership at the company and the ensuing bankruptcy and closing of the Roundo factory in Sweden, Peter decided to work on a new venture, and joined by Roundo’s best, brightest and most experienced team members, they combined their bending machine expertise – and SweBend was born.

To recognition

Now, our sophisticated yet user-friendly machines supply the world’s leading bending companies such as Barnshaws, Danvals, Den Oudsten, Kersten Europe, Sjölund, Van Rijsoort, etc. with perfect bending results which are produced effortlessly yet efficiently. Through innovation and unmatched engineering expertise, we take great pride in building machines that have the market’s highest return on investment, a reason why so many loyal clients keep coming back to us to solve their toughest bending problems.

We work WITH you..

By breaking down our clients’ bending challenges and then explaining to our customers the fundamental theory behind it, we produce modern, powerful and specifically purposed bending machines. The sophisticated functionality of our machines is easily mastered by our clients as we assist them in becoming expert benders.

with a Swedish quality mindset

Located in Sweden, with renowned Swedish quality and a client-focused mindset, our passion for developing high-end bending machines has been recognized by clients all over the world. Through our vast knowledge of bending increasingly challenging materials, we continuously update our machines’ technology with more sensors, better controls and improved software functionality. (Ask us about our renowned CNC system “SEVEN”; we can update old and even analog machines).

for long term success

Our clients value long term quality investments and choose the path of innovation, unmatched expertise and a powerful worldwide support network consisting of an increasing list of trusted resellers.

To be continued... Together?

We look forward to working with you. Ask us about our section-, plate- and tube bending rolls, CNC systems, flighting, augers and spiraling machines, special rolls and tooling, and more!

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