3D Section Bending with Push & Turn Unit

The SB3S-240, powered by our own, in-house developed SEVEN CNC is purposed to take the tedious task of bending twelve meter long pipes and reduce the completion time from more than one day to less than one hour.

Closing in on Flawless Smoothness

Today’s roller coasters run, roll, spin and drop faster, all to provide a more profound experience for the riders! As a result, engineers and bending machine operators producing these brilliant attractions have yet tighter calculations and more challenging bending operations to perform. Above all, the smoothness of the bent tracks needs to be flawless to provide the best experience riding the roller coaster without uncomfortable skips.

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By Powerful CNC Application: IRMA

Simultaneously, removed is the risk of dents which compromises the smoothness. Instead of bending in a multitude of passes, with a designated radius control after each pass, the operators can now simulate the whole operation with SweBend Simulations. The SEVEN CNC system calculates, operates and executes the whole bending procedure, with the design assistant ADAM setting up the process and the precision bending assistant IRMA fine-tuning for unexpected material behaviour.

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Simultaneous Bending of Sections in Three Dimensions

However, the most revolutionizing aspect of this bending operation is the simultaneous bending of sections of this size in three dimensions, all powered by our SEVEN CNC. Only Bending machines from SweBend inspired by Precision and Simplified user-interface can handle tasks of this difficulty. To achieve this, a vast understanding of tolerances (error-margins), statistics, quality components and profound bending physics is required.

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