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Precision Bending, Simplified

SweBend is a company Specialized in Bending and Forming Technology located in Hässleholm in the very south of Sweden. We’re a team of Swedish bending machine engineers with a top class, [highly skilled reseller network] all over the world. Together we’ve been in the industry for long and through working for the, once considered, world’s best bending machine manufacturer we’ve first handedly experienced and solved the common bending machine issues, clients’ frustrations and poor quality builds. The reputed results delivered by our machines are why world class bending companies such as Barnshaws, Danvals and Van Rijsoort choose to work with us. Through our many years of testing, research and collaboration with the best in the industry we have distilled our knowledge into the best bending machines on the market.

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We know what it takes to build sophisticated bending machines that delivers precise bending results for years to come. 


The Precision bending is achieved by leaving Nothing to Chance. We perfect our calculations and tailor all solutions to match our clients exact needs. The roll material, from German steel mills, is ALWAYS individually tailored to meet our customer’s exact requirements which gives the best precision, durability and quality.We only use tested, industry standard and future proof components. Ultimately we ensure the best quality by keeping our production and assembly in-house and applying world-renowned Swedish manufacturing standards.

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You will Experience the true Simplicity of Precision bending through our Control systems. We boiled down our expertise into a razor-sharp, graphical CNC system called SEVEN which creates the most effective bending sequence which also adjusts for material defects. It is virtually limitless in adaptability and will keep your bending operations ahead of competition – we continuously upgrade and remotely update this software with even more powerful functionality.

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Our SEVEN CNC system can be retrofitted onto old analog machines within just three days (training included!). Learn more about how you can boost your production without buying a new machine.

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We’ve also developed a reputed Powerful Bluetooth Control with 24 digital & 2 analog inputs with 2-4 digital readouts displays. Empowered operators now control up to 5 axis (or even extra, retrofitted, machine functionally) from anywhere in the room. High functionality with superb adaptability will completely change your bending experience.

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Further, our step-less controls, the sharpest roll parallelism techniques on the market and the abundance of sensors all work in favor to simplify the process for you to produce the markets most precise bends


SweBend & Special requirements

We design, develop & built purpose built and adapted bending machines for specific customer needs. This can for example be with a unique roll diameter, roll length or even the shape of the rolls. Request help with integrating the machine in your product line, demand special features and ask for what you think is impossible, we’ll gladly prove you wrong!

Made in Sweden, Made by SweBend

A SweBend machine is guaranteed to have the highest quality in all details resulting in longer lifetime, less maintenance & repairs, higher output, better production quality and an unmatched return-on-investment!

Peter Nilsson Ceo SweBend Plate and Section bending

I started my career as electronic engineer at Roundo in 1987, and worked my way through all the different segments, including hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical design. In 2001 I was appointed Technical Director and in 2006 I finally became the Managing Director of Roundo.

I´m proud to say that I had the best teacher possible when it comes to bending technology, Mr Göran Kajrup, founder and original owner of Roundo.

Roundo has been known as the Worlds leading producer of Bending Machines since late 60s. Mr Kajrup was a man 100% dedicated to bending machines until his sudden pass-away in 2007.

In April 2013 I started my own company SweBend (Sweden Bending), together with a dedicated team of well experienced colleagues.

Our target is to become your preferred alternative when it comes to bending machines; new, old or overhauled.


We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Peter Nilsson – Founder of SweBend