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The third industrial revolution with robots and automation is increasingly present, worldwide. The bending industry is not unaffected yet only the key players know how to maneuver this paradigm shift with stronger, more sophisticated and innovative bending machines.

In this video we show a recent plate rolling machine automated by our CNC software “SEVEN” which is developed for our machines to crush the demanding cycle times, tight tolerances and the high reliability needed to remain at peak production levels.

What is SEVEN?

Available in several versions, featuring components from industry leading Beckhoff of Germany and powering the production of world class companies such as Volvo and John Deere, SEVEN is the innovative, adaptive CNC system of the future. (To power the whole industry, we’ll update old and even analog machines, in only three days) No two bending applications are the same. Many factors, including material size and thickness, mechanical properties, spring back, diameter, etc. can influence the bending requirements necessary to roll an acceptable part. With the SweBend “Seven” CNC control, take the guess work out of your rolling operation. The powerful operating environment can easily accommodate minor variations that are commonly found in all materials, which gives you the ultimate control over the entire rolling process.

Who are SweBend?

Following a change of ownership at the company and the ensuing bankruptcy and closing of the Roundo factory in Sweden (Once considered the worlds best bending machine manufacturer), Roundo’s best, brightest and most experienced team members decided to work on a new venture, they combined their bending machine expertise – and SweBend was born. Located in Sweden, with renowned Swedish quality and a client-focused mindset, our passion for developing high-end bending machines has been recognized by clients all over the world. Through our vast knowledge of bending increasingly challenging materials, we continuously update our machines’ technology with more sensors, better controls and improved software functionality.


SweBend – The strongest, most sophisticated and most reliable bending machines on the market, worldwide.

For specifications and technical data regarding this machine, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Bending machine exhibitions (2018) & world premiere of new machine!

SweBend Bending machine Exhibitions 2018 white

Continuing the massive success of 2017 with our plate and section bending machines, as well as our forming machines, SweBend will now be exhibiting on four of the major conventions around the globe.

And the WORLD PREMIERE of the SB3S-180, only at Fabtech!

Together with our skilled and trusted resellers we will do our greatest effort of explaining and demonstrating:
– why a SweBend machine is unlike any plate, section or forming
machine on the market,
– why quality components and engineering matter for the results
– why a SweBend machine is more expensive to purchase – but
easier & cheaper to maintain
– why a SweBend machine is the best investment You’ll ever

Come and meet us together with our resellers on the following exhibitions:

Reseller: MP plus 
27 – 30 March 2018
Paris, France
Machine on display: SB3B-65

Tube & Wire
Monter: MMR Goseck
Reseller: Venema Biegetech
16-20 April 2018
Düsseldorf, Germany
Machine on display: SB3B-65

Reseller: SweBend
Venema Biegetech: co-exhibitor
23 – 26 October 2018
Hanover, Germany
Machines on display: SB3S-140 & PB4-8-6

Reseller: Trilogy Machinery
November 6-8, 2018
Georgia World Congress Center | Atlanta, GA USA
Machines on display: SB3S-140 & PB4-8-6 & SB3B-105


SweBend – The strongest, most sophisticated and most reliable bending machines on the market, worldwide.

For specifications and technical data regarding any machine, don’t hesitate to contact us: info@swebend.

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How to become successful in the plate bending industry

SweBend PB4-18-6 Plate roll machine

The plate bending industry is advancing and the challenges are more difficult day by day. How does the best bending companies & operators adapt? What machines do they use? And how do they prepare for the future? Don’t worry, we will explain how and give you the roadmap to the future of the plate bending industry. Together with us (sign up to our news through the form below) You will stay competitive and become even more successful.


The Current situation in the bending industry

Metal fabricators have seen their customers demand materials that are stronger yet lighter than those used in the past. This has pushed the fabricators to turn more and more to better quality material, including abrasion and wear-resistant steels. The main challenges with this material with higher yield strengths is the increased material spring back throughout the forming process.

To overcome this spring back, more bending power is required. SweBend attacks the problem head-on by building customized 4-roll plate rolls with, if necessary, a smaller diameter top roll to more efficiently and effectively roll the customer’s specified diameters, while leaving the shortest flat end physically achievable. This change in the plate rolls calls for tighter machine geometries, higher demands on components and more advanced engineering. The 4-roll plate roll is the fastest and most efficient plate roll when it comes to rolling full cylinders and less-than-full cylinders like excavator buckets, compared to 3-roll double pinch machines and especially compare to 3-roll variable geometry machines, which are the slowest machines for production purposes.


How to adapt to the current bending challenges

In order to keep up with the ever-increasing power demands of the material the fabricators are using more and more often, SweBend has completely re-engineered our plate roll line-up to be able to offer machines with more bending power and drive torque. In addition, we have developed the most powerful yet easiest to operate CNC control software. This software is icon-driven, meaning the operator does not have to be a computer programmer to be able to roll even the most complicated parts like square tanks and ellipses, always in one pass. In addition, the SweBend CNC control can handle an almost unlimited number of “help” functions, including our highly accurate and critically important support rolls under the lower roll which adjust the crowning of the lower roll, also affecting the top roll, and widening the range of thicknesses that can be successfully rolled on the machine.

How to remain competitive in the future

Metal fabricators should expect their plate roll supplier to become more and more a partner in their business, rather than a one-time “sell it and forget it” relationship. With demands of tighter radii and tougher material, the old fashioned “off-the-shelf” solution doesn’t cut it anymore. Customers need to become aware that similar to how the correct drill with correct cutting & descent speed is needed for a drilling operation, the correct plate roll with the right setup and equipment is needed for specific bending operations. The old-fashioned, out of date bending roll types are just not able to roll tight radii without also producing long, costly flat ends.


The perfect cooperation between customer, reseller and producer

To reach perfect solutions for the challenges presented to SweBend and Trilogy by our customers, we see the increasing importance of truly collaborating with our customers to tailor their machines for both their present and future needs. In this way, we also make it a top priority to educate our customers to become expert users. It’s fundamental to build a high proficiency when using these increasingly sophisticated machines. In the total investment of upgrading our customer’s machine inventory, the machine cost is really a decreasing factor, with knowledge and education becoming more important. With over several hundred years of combined experience, both SweBend and Trilogy Machinery have come to realize that the future success of our customers demands customized machines and close collaboration with the customer, educating them in their bending challenge, tailoring the machine to meet their requirements and providing superior machine training and support thereafter.

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

With 2017 coming to an end we would like to thank all our new and old customers, representatives and agents, for a really fantastic year. SweBend is steadily expanding which is a result of hard work in combination with talented members of the SweBend team. We are already now sure that the year of 2018 will be even better than fantastic and we look forward to meet it together with you.

A very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all of you from all of us at SweBend.


SB4B65 & The third industrial revolution – don’t miss out! 

SweBend Seven CNC system
The first industrial revolution (late 18th century) consisted of manual labour switching to mechanical through the implementation of machines, primarily in the textile industry.  The second revolution (early 20th century) started the era of mass production through Henry Ford and his assembly line.

The third industrial revolution

Now the third industrial revolution, powered by brilliant computers, is making its first waves by digitalizing manufacturing. The immense power of computers allow for mass production with mass customization. What used to be years of expertise, days of calculations and then hours of calibration can now be done in just a matter of a few clicks.

How SweBend is upgrading the bending industry

The SweBend team, consisting of the most knowledgeable engineers, distributors and mechanics in the bending industry, have been working tirelessly to convert our combined knowledge into our section bending machines, plate bending machines, forming machines and CNC software, SEVEN. This feat has given the proud owners of our machines top quality bends, more adaptability and higher production rates – all at the cost of a few button presses.
Through bringing our machines online we’ve created direct links to the machine owners, rolling out updates, support, training and requested software adaptations as wished. Imagine your machines being updated automatically, improving your quality and rates effortlessly – this is what the third industrial revolution is bringing to You.

Upgrade your favorite machine

If You already have a machine that you’re happy with, we’d happily to come out for three days and upgrade it with our Seven CNC system. During these three days we will train your team and ease your way into the third industrial revolution. Read more about it here.

The SB4B-65

Check out our Section Bending 4 roll Basic – 65 (SB4B-65) equipped with our CNC system “Seven” rolling a U60 to ID515 II automatically and perfectly.
Yours truly,
The SweBend Team

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New Plate Bending Machines brochure & FabTech

SweBend Plate Bending Brochure Front Page

The last couple of months we’ve been working on our new Plate Bending Machines brochure, with machine dimensions in both imperical and metric! We’re also making our final preparations for the FabTech event in Chicago.

A brochure for the most reliable bending machines on the market..

Explore the possiblities of our PB3 and PB4 series through both standard and optional features including; customized roll crowning, wireless control unit, special rolls with contours/grooves/etc.. and of course our own, heavily tested & developed CNC system: Seven!

Seven Page Plate Bending Brochure SweBend
Seven Page Plate Bending Brochure SweBend

Click here to download the metric version

Click here to download the imperial version

SweBend is preparing for FabTech with Trilogy Machinery..

Together with Trilogy Machinery Inc, our exclusive North American distributor, we will be attending North America’s largest metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing event – FabTech in Chicago 6-9 November. Meet us there to learn more about how bending really should be done, how to upgrade your machine park and how to join the third industrial revolution.


Best regards,
The SweBend Team 


Meet SweBend’s Hardox Wear Plate Bending Machine

SweBend PB4-18-6 Plate Bending Machine

SweBend has successfully completed yet another machine delivery. This time around, it was for USA-based industrial equipment manufacturer ESCO Corporation, who approached us with a rather specific set of requirements. Fortunately, the SweBend team loves rising to engineering challenges such as this one, and we’re happy to report that the state-of-the-art plate bending machine we assembled for ESCO, has met the company’s exacting parameters of performance, precision and durability.

The Hardox Bending Challenge

ESCO has a long history of developing machinery for mining, construction and other industrial purposes. In keeping with industry preferences (among them a continuously growing preference for durability with lightness), ESCO has been making excavator buckets out of increasingly sturdy variants of steel. Among these is the formidable Hardox plate (known as Abrasion Resistant plate in the USA). Hardox, with its extremely high yield strength of 1250N/mm2, is 5 times tougher than regular steel plates (which have a yield strength of 250N/mm2). This toughness is what gives Hardox plates their durability; but it also makes them exceedingly difficult to bend, especially through small radii.

Esco SweBend Hardox plate Escavator Bucket
Esco SweBend Hardox plate Escavator Bucket

For the past 25 years, ESCO has been using a Roundo PAS420 in their equipment manufacturing setup. This Roundo bending machine has been successfully rolling Hardox plates and is still going strong. However, ESCO would now be making smaller machine parts using thick Hardox plates, and needed an upgrade that would let them bend these incredibly tough plates through small radii. The kind of drive torque, power and precision that this mammoth task would require, would place undue demands on their existing Roundo bending machine. As such, ESCO sought out SweBend for a new bending machine with these advanced plate rolling capabilities, along with the ability to serve their manufacturing needs for as long as the Roundo has done. Another reason for the purchase of the bigger machine was the capability to form thicker plates in-house that were previously being formed by an outside vendor. Thanks to our cutting edge plate bending machine know-how, and since all SweBend employees are former Roundo employees, we were familiar with the capabilities of Esco’s existing Roundo machine. Hence we easier outperformed it and tailored the perfect solution for ESCO.

Assembling The Perfect Bending Machine

When it comes to accurate and heavy-duty plate bending, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, at least in our book. For ESCO’s specific case, we decided upon our PB4-18-6 machine. We have specifically designed this sophisticated 4-roll machine to handle complex bending radii and deliver perfect results in a single pass. Its dedicated smaller diameter top roll handles small bending radii, and its pre-bending power and torque surpass all comparable machines currently on the market. Together, these features would allow ESCO to accurately bend thick Hardox plates, while retaining the ability to roll plates through small radii. Plus, like every SweBend machine, the PB4-18-6 is engineered with superior quality components to not just meet but in fact exceed industry standards of durability.

We further optimized ESCO’s new plate bending machine with SweBend’s proprietary CNC Type-7 Gold system. This intuitive HMI would significantly increase the speed, accuracy and repeatability of ESCO’s mass production tasks. The CNC Type-7 Gold offers advanced 8-axes controls, parallel control of side rolls, and electronic pressure control of the central roll, allows interpolation of one side roll at a time, and can receive remote diagnostics and regular software upgrades.


The Final Touch

ESCO’s new Hardox plate bending machine was now ready. As a final effort to streamline and future-proof it, we equipped it with a powered infeed table and shipped it with a spare parts package. The end result was completely in line with what SweBend always strives for – innovative machines that not only produce the best results with minimal effort, but are also built to last.

The bending machine was sold and delivered by Trilogy Machinery Inc, SweBend’s representative in the USA, Canada and Mexico. The installation went as planned, and we are proud to add ESCO Corporation to our list of satisfied customers. “The machine can be compared with the Hulk’s mean older brother,” is what ESCO had to say about the machine’s superior quality and bending force, and we believe they will hold on to that opinion for years to come!

News from the SweBend production line

SweBend Section Bending SB3-300S in machining center

So what’s new on SweBend’s production line? A universal machine, mainly for job-shops and with the highest capabilities in relation to its size; Meet the SB3-300s!

Every task has its designated level of difficulty and that’s also correct when the industry’s mid-size formats needs to be bent. The SB3-300S is power, precision and production efficiency packed into a machine engineered with superior quality components to not just meet but in fact exceed industry standards of durability. This piece of state-of-the-art-engineering for structural bending jobs & flange ring production will bend sections with modulus up to 1600 cm3.

A power package: Unmatched capabilities in relation to the machine size

Our customer wanted the best, so we’re building the best! Here’s a short list of examples of what can be bent with the SB3-300S:

  • U & H beams up to 300 mm and I beams up to 360 mm the hard way and 600 mm the easy way.
  • Pipes up to 324 mm in diameter
  • Angle bars 200x200x28 mm leg in and leg out.
  • Flat bars 260×60 mm the hard way


SweBend Section Bending SB3-300S in machining center
SweBend Section Bending SB3-300S in machining center

The SB3 Series

A SweBend machine promises and delivers on the market’s lowest total cost of ownership thanks to years and years of Swedish quality engineering and manufacturing resulting in an unmatched success building high quality machines customized to meet each customer’s specific requirements.

The SB3 series are universal machines mainly for job-shop thanks to their versatile capabilities which enables the handling of a broader range of bending challenges.


Swebend Creates Bespoke Horizontal Plate Straightener for Kaukora Oy of Finland

Swebend Plate Straightener 4

Here at Swebend, we’re uniquely positioned to be able to create plate bending machines for up to 100mm thick plates with virtually any length. We work with our customers on bespoke machine creation depending to any requirements. Take a look at this recent example of a plate bending machine project we undertook for customer Kaukora Oy of Finland.

A Cutting Edge Machine Bending Project:

Kaukora Oy of Finland approached the Swebend team in search of a new machine which would straighten plates from a decoiler, for use in laser cutting.


The Challenge:

This project was not without its challenges, but it was nothing the experienced and talented Swebend team could not overcome.

Precision is key in any project such as this, so our team were well aware of the importance of ensuring that the dimensions of the machine were 100% correct, throughout the production process. We were also careful to ensure that we had the correct calculations for the cambered rolls on this machine – there was, as always, no margin for error.

The Task:

Our customer gave us the brief of creating a machine which would fit their needs perfectly. The team at Kaukora Oy of Finland were in search of a machine which would be able to straighten plates with a range of 1-4mm thickness and a width of 1500mm, for any length they required.

Kaukora Oy:

Kaukora Oy is the leading equipment manufacturer in Finland’s booming HVAC industry. The company has gone from strength to strength over the past 60 years, producing over 2 million heaters.

The Jäspi VLM 300 model is the most popular domestic water heater in Finland – amazingly it is installed in every second home in the country! Kaukora Oy provides heat pumps, wood heating, hot water heaters and oil heating. The company strives to listen to Finland’s heating needs and is a recognised and trusted partner, installed in many private homes across the nation.

Visit their webpage: https://jaspi.fi/

About Swebend:

Swebend is the number one bending machine specialist. We build advanced machines, which are easy for our customers to use for any purpose they require.

Our powerful CNC is the ultimate tool in maximizing your company’s production efficiency. With Swebend machinery, you can be assured of excellent results every time – and it’ll be easier than ever.

Swebend’s efficiency is unparalleled in the industry. Our powerful CNC system, SEVEN, stands head and shoulders above the competition. We can even upgrade analog machines within just three days.

Swebend specialises in the following machines: Pipe Bending Machines and Bender Machines, Roundo Bending Machines, Angle Bending Machines, Section Bending Machines, Auger Flight Forming Machines and Plate Bending Machines.

Swebend works with the best components in the business, ensuring world class results from our machines. We’re at the very forefront of today’s forming and bending machines. We’re here to blow your expectations out of the water and make you think again about what is doable in machine bending.

The Swebend Team:

When it comes to Roundo bending machinery, expertise doesn’t get better than this! Our team is made up entirely of former Roundo senior staff members, designers, engineers, technicians and assemblymen. We’re here to help you with any question or query you may have regarding Roundo bending machines. Get in touch to find out more.

Contact Swebend: 

Get in touch. We believe you’ll be impressed.

Contact your closest reseller , or use this form to contact Swebend direct.

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[Movie] Delivery for John Deere

John Deere SweBend forming machine blade

SweBend continues to supply the industry with top-quality machines.
We recently delivered a special-tailored forming machine that will enhance John Deere’s production of lawn-mowers.

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