Forming Machine

Tailor-made Forming Machines

On request we build tailor-made forming machines for flanges, small, medium and large, rim production, welding positioners etc. We have a diverse palette of machines especially adapted for specific needs!


We’re specialized in the bending and forming science. Through our expertise we build the most precise and effective machines in the industry.

Ask for the impossible

We’re certain that we can provide the best solution for your forming challenge. There’s a reason why others turn to SweBend for the hardest challenges.

Swedish Quality

Minimize downtime, eliminate frustrating problems and avoid unexpected cost by choosing a Swedish quality machine. Swedish quality is recognized worldwide for durable components, innovative solutions and razor-sharp engineering.


SweBend designs and produce the strongest and most user friendly machines on the market. You can be sure to get the highest drive torque and strongest bending power compared to any other machine of the same size.

A SweBend machine is a machine with…

  • heavily proportioned frame and mechanical parts
  • top hydraulic and electronic components from the best suppliers.
  • bearings from SKF (The world famous Swedish Bearing Company) throughout the whole machine which will keep it running, running and running!

Special requirements – Demand competence, innovation and quality!

With our standard range of models as foundation, we also design & produce purpose built and adapted plate rolls for specific customer needs. This can for example be with a unique roll diameter, roll length or even the shape of the rolls. Request help with integrating the machine in your product line, demand special features and ask for what you think is impossible, we’ll gladly prove you wrong!

Made in Sweden

Means a machine that guarantees the highest quality in all details resulting in longer lifetime, less maintenance & repairs, higher output, better production quality and an unmatched return-on-investment!



Forming - easier than ever!

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