Happy New Year!

SweBend Happy New Year!



2015 is coming to an end and we can look back at yet another fantastic year of development for SweBend.
Within our team we now gathered the very best and most skilled engineers and technicians available when it comes to production of bending machines.
We can proudly say that there is no other company to be found anywhere that can show anything near the competence and know-how we possess within SweBend!
During the year we have designed, produced and delivered many new machines, equipment, CNC upgrades and strongly enhanced our market position throughout the World.
And with a great back-log of orders we can already now say that 2016 will be an even better year and we will continue to expand our business.

We thank all our our customers, co-operation partners and re-sellers for the year that was and wish You all the best for 2016.

Happy New Year!

The SweBend A-Team