Precision bending

Precision bending with bending machines is achieved by leaving nothing to chance. We perfect our calculations and tailor all bending machines solutions to match our clients exact needs. The roll material, from German steel mills, is ALWAYS individually tailored to meet our customer’s exact requirements which gives the best precision, durability and quality. For our bending machines we only use tested, industry standard and future proof components. Ultimately we ensure the best quality for our bending machines by keeping our production and assembly in-house and applying world-renowned Swedish manufacturing standards.

Anyone can build a bending machine, but very few know what is required to achieve market leading performance,
and make it last for decades!

SB4-360 Section Bending Machines news by SweBend

Section bending

Discover our powerful hydraulic powered three and four roll machines (SB3 and SB4 series) and also variable Geometery Machines (VSB3). We guarantee the highest pre-bending power and drive torque compared to all similar sized machines on the market.

CNC system for bending machines


Experience the true simplicity of precision bending through our razor-sharp, graphical CNC system. We’ve boiled down our expertise into SEVEN which creates the most effective bending sequence that also adjusts for material defects. Its virtually limitless adaptability will keep your bending operations ahead of competition.

SweBend Plate Bending machines

Plate bending

The three and four roll (PB3 and PB4) as well as the variable geometery design (VPB3) have the sharpest roll parallelism technique on the market. These powerful machines are all performance driving and equipped with extremely durable hardened rolls tailored in both material and geometry for the best ROI.

Forming machines bending machines by SweBend

Tailored Forming

Tailored forming Machines for i.e flanges, small, medium and large, rim production, welding positioners etc, are all developed, constructed and built on request. We have a diverse palette of machines especially adapted for specific needs!

scwarze robitec bending machines

Tube bending by Schwarze Robitec

SweBend is representing SCHWARZE-ROBITEC in Sweden and Denmark. Schwarze-Robitec is the leading manufacturer of tube-bending machines in the world.

SB3B-105 with hydraulic spiralling device bending machines

Flights, augers and spiralling

SweBend offers a unique know-how in the field of specialty machines for flights, augers and conveyors. This also includes normal spiralling of flat bar, pipe and angle.

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