We aim to bring you the latest news from our mission of equipping the world’s best manufacturers with the best bending machines on the market. On this page you will find news about all of our bending machines, exhibitions and latest technology updates. All news from SweBend is not published here but we try to bring you noteworthy pieces that will tell the SweBend story.

For us, transparency is important and we want to show you real news images, videos and information from the bending industry.

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3D Section Bending with Push & Turn Unit

The SB3S-240 is purposed to take the tedious task of bending twelve meter long pipes in less than one hour.

3D Spiralling with CNC

World-class Power-Trio:  Swedish Quality, SweBend Expertise and the SEVEN CNC system. Design and Form almost anything with ADAM – the Automated Design Assistant Manager, an application in the SEVEN CNC system. This is a 3D Spiralling System on our SB3H-75 with […]

New Spiralling Machine – SB3X-105

Bend square iron or flat iron to spirals in no time and easier than ever. SweBend presents to you our power boosted SB3-105 with a SB3-140 capacity. Here we are bending/spiralling a 70x20mm to a 300mm ID (NOT max capacity […]

Revolutionizing Roller Coaster Production

The world have been amused by the thrill, the adrenaline and the stomach twisting sensation of riding roller coasters ever since the world’s first roller coasters, called “Russian Mountains” were invented in the 18th Century. Today’s roller coasters run, roll, […]

We’re Hiring!

Ready for new challenges?  We’re looking for an open-minded, thorough and driven technician who’s got a technical inclination, appreciate building electrical-, hydraulic- and pneumatic constructions and cherish problem solving. You’ll mainly be constructing and developing controls for our machines. Autonomy […]

SweBend, one of Sweden’s Fastest Growing Companies 2018

SweBend, one of Sweden’s Fastest Growing Companies 2018 SweBend won the title as the 6th Fastest Growing Company. This is a top position out of the 152 companies which were nominated for the DI Gasell award in the Skåne county […]

SweBend at Fabtech 2018

Together with our partner and reseller Trilogy Machinery Inc. we attended Fabtech 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia. Fabtech is North America’s largest metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing event. For instance, Fabtech provides a convenient ‘one-stop shop’ venue because one can meet with world-class […]

SweBend nominated for Sweden’s Fastest Growing Company 2018

SweBend nominated for Sweden’s Fastest Growing Company 2018 The last couple of years SweBend has experienced tremendous growth and we have together with our Resellers ramped up our speed to match the growing demand. We have been receiving requests and have […]

SweBend at EuroBlech 2018

Come visit us at Stand G154 & in Hall 11 Together with J. Venema Bv and Venema Biegetec GmbH we’re now officially at the world’s No. 1 trade show for innovations in sheet metal processing. Discover our Section Bending machine SB3S-140 and the Plate […]

SB3-360S – The LEGO version

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Section Bending Machine SB3-360S in a fully functional LEGO version! Wow! Niels (To the right in the images below) built this spectacular lego bending machine for Van Rijsoort Buigwerk that is controlled by hooking up a […]

SB3-360S delivered to Van Rijsoort in the Netherlands

SweBend joined the startup of the newly installed SB3-360s from SweBend. The market dominating bending specialists Van Rijsoort in the Netherlands will now continue to conquer with their latest masterpiece installed. A smooth installation and start-up was followed by a […]

Plate roll w. Bending Wedge for Greenheck Fan

The PB2W, our plate bending machine equipped with a bending wedge (bending shoe). Built and precisely dimensioned for Greenheck Fan in USA. Greenheck Fan is the worldwide leader in manufacturing and distributing air movement, air conditioning and air control equipment.  Powered […]

SweBend at Metalloobrabotka 2018

Our talented resellers over at LLC Rutekh, Moscow represented SweBend by showing videos of our vertical section bending machine VSB3 400-3200 and Plate Bending machine PB4-12 at the annual Metalloobrabotka held in Moscow, Russia on the 14-18th of May 2018. […]

[Movie] The future of Section Bending (2018)

 Latest news on Facebook Inquiry for Section Bending machines Industries demand their section bending machines to perform at increasingly higher levels, to handle a broader range of bending operations and to be controlled more easily. Precision bending requires complete […]

[Movie] The future of plate rolls (2018) [Automation by SweBend]

 Latest news on Facebook Inquiry for automation mail The third industrial revolution with robots and automation is increasingly present, worldwide. The bending industry is not unaffected yet only the key players know how to maneuver this paradigm shift with […]

Bending machine exhibitions (2018) & world premiere of new machine!

Continuing the massive success of 2017 with our plate and section bending machines, as well as our forming machines, SweBend will now be exhibiting on four of the major conventions around the globe. And the WORLD PREMIERE of the SB3S-180, […]

How to become successful in the plate bending industry

The plate bending industry is advancing and the challenges are more difficult day by day. How does the best bending companies & operators adapt? What machines do they use? And how do they prepare for the future? Don’t worry, we […]

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

With 2017 coming to an end we would like to thank all our new and old customers, representatives and agents, for a really fantastic year. SweBend is steadily expanding which is a result of hard work in combination with talented […]

SB4B65 & The third industrial revolution – don’t miss out! 

The first industrial revolution (late 18th century) consisted of manual labour switching to mechanical through the implementation of machines, primarily in the textile industry.  The second revolution (early 20th century) started the era of mass production through Henry Ford and […]

New Plate Bending Machines brochure & FabTech

The last couple of months we’ve been working on our new Plate Bending Machines brochure, with machine dimensions in both imperical and metric! We’re also making our final preparations for the FabTech event in Chicago. A brochure for the most […]

Meet SweBend’s Hardox Wear Plate Bending Machine

SweBend has successfully completed yet another machine delivery. This time around, it was for USA-based industrial equipment manufacturer ESCO Corporation, who approached us with a rather specific set of requirements. Fortunately, the SweBend team loves rising to engineering challenges such […]

News from the SweBend production line

So what’s new on SweBend’s production line? A universal machine, mainly for job-shops and with the highest capabilities in relation to its size; Meet the SB3-300s! Every task has its designated level of difficulty and that’s also correct when the industry’s […]

Swebend Creates Bespoke Horizontal Plate Straightener for Kaukora Oy of Finland

Here at Swebend, we’re uniquely positioned to be able to create plate bending machines for up to 100mm thick plates with virtually any length. We work with our customers on bespoke machine creation depending to any requirements. Take a look […]

[Movie] Blade Forming machine for Lawn mowers by SweBend

SweBend continues to supply the industry with top-quality machines. We recently delivered a special-tailored forming machine that will enhance our client’s production of lawn-mowers. Follow us on Facebook! Get more valueable information & stay informed! Subscribe to our […]

The PB4-4 equipped with Turbo Production Package

Presenting the PB4-4 Plate bending machine.
This version is equipped with:

The SB3S – 105, bends the toughest profiles!

Presenting the SB3S-105 Section Bending machine. This version includes features such as:

SB4-65S with twisting Unit for advanced 3D bending

Yet another successful machine design by SweBend – this time for Aerospace Industry with toughest demands on precision bending in 3D.

The SB4-65S for Aerospace applications

Presenting the SB4-65S Section Bending machine. This version is specially designed for aerospace applications.

SweBend at the Fabtech Expo

SweBend, together with Trilogy Machinery, are live and presenting at North America’s Largest Metal Forming, Fabricating, Welding and Finishing Event: Fabtech !

Success at Euroblech

We had a very good week at Euroblech welcoming new and old customers to SweBend – Swedish Produced Quality Bending Machines!

SweBend PB4 catalogue is released

We are proud to announce the release of a brand new catalogue for our four roll plate bending machines type PB4.

New catalogue for SB3 machines available

Our new catalogue for Section Bending Machines is now available as pdf here at our website

Meet us at Euroblech 2016 in Hannover

SweBend & Venema Biegetec GmbH will be present at Euroblech 2016 in Hannover October 25-29.

SweBend – Swedish Quality Bending & Forming machines

SweBend is a Swedish Bending company located in Hässleholm in the very south of Sweden.

The VSB3, testbending a H-profile

This is a SweBend Vertical Section Bending machine designed and manufactured by us.

Machines for spiralling, flights and augers

SweBend offers a unique know-how in the field of specialty machines for flights

The SB4B-65 in a robot cell

This is a SweBend Four Roll Section Bending machine designed and manufactured by us.

The VSB3, testbending an U-profile

This is a SweBend Vertical Section Bending machine designed and manufactured by us.

Presenting the VSB3 – Vertical Section Bending

This is a SweBend Vertical Section Bending machine designed and manufactured by us.

SB3H – 75 Three roll spiralling machine

Presenting the SB3H-75 pipe spiralling machine. For specifications and technical data regarding this machine, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Presenting the PB4-12 Plate roll

We’re happy to present the PB4-12 Plate roll. For specifications and technical data regarding this machine, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Presenting the QFV-1

We’re happy to present the QFV-1, quick forming vertical. A machine for quick and easy small plate bending.

Exhibitions 2016 – Come see us!

SweBend welcomes You to the following exhibitions:
Tube & Wire

Video of a Four-Roll Plate Roll

Our partners and great friends over at Trilogy Machinery ( just uploaded a video of one of our Four-Roll Plate Roll machines.

X-tra strong plate roll for USA

SweBend just delivered a four roll CNC machine with special characteristics to meet customer demands.

SweBend on Youtube!

SweBend is now on Youtube as well. Check out two of our machines below. Go to our channel and subscribe HERE for info when more videos are posted.

“The Eliminator” is on the way to the customer

The VSB3-400-3200 has now been fully dis-assembled and packed into 4 20′ OT containers for transportation to the customer.

Big interest in SweBend Eliminator 400

January was a very busy month at SweBend, with acceptance test in the new unique machine model VSB3-400-3200, better known as “the Eliminator”.

Eliminator 400

Follow the link below to see an article about our newly developed machine.

Delivery of CNC 4 roll section bending machine

A couple of days before New Years eve, SweBend delivered out a SB4B-65 CNC, a new designed machine type for high volume production of elliptical parts.

Happy New Year!

2015 is coming to an end and we can look back at yet another fantastic year of development for SweBend.

Successful week in Chicago

The Fabtech 2015 show in Chicago was a success for SweBend.

Meet us at Fabtech in Chicago!

November 9-12 @ McCormick Place in Chicago
We will be present all days in the booth of Trilogy Machinery (S3949), showing new and innovative solutions for bending machines.

Introducing new line of section bending machines

With the SB3B series SweBend meet the market requirements for powerful, versatile and yet affordable quality machines.

Upgrading Roundo R-72S/CNC to SEVEN Bronze

Our operatorfriendly and powerful CNC system SEVEN are installed at more and more machines around the World.

SweBend just keep on growing….

Since the start in 2013 we have continously expanded our business and now we moved to new and larger facilities with room to grow even further!

Upgrading a Roundo PAS 340/17 with SweBend SEVEN.

Another control system upgrade to the new, easy-to-use SEVEN CNC.

Available Plate & Section Bending Machines

While SweBend is expanding business continuously, we also have many contacts & leads for new and used plate and section bending machines.

Available Plate & Section Bending Machines

While SweBend is expanding business continuously, we also have many contacts & leads for new and used plate and section bending machines.

Upgrading a Roundo PAS 340/17 with SweBend SEVEN.

Another control system upgrade to the new, easy-to-use SEVEN CNC.

PAS 700 Rebuild

We’ve upgraded a machine to increase its capacity from 3200mm to 4000mm wide steel plates.

R8S Overhauling

An used section bending machine has gotten a completely new hydraulic system, electrical control system and more.

PAS 700 Rebuild

We’ve upgraded a machine to increase its capacity from 3200mm to 4000mm wide steel plates.

SweBend keep on growin’

Over the last two years there has been a steady development and growth for SweBend, and the start of 2015 has been exceptional.

Music for SweBend

We have found this beautiful piece of music on the Internet and wanted to share it with all our friends around the World.

Magnificient year of 2014

Even though SweBend is a young company we can already look back at many achievements and the introduction of new technologies.

SweBend secures big order!

As a result of long term relations and know-how, SweBend has secured a contract to upgrade a large Roundo machine used for wind power industry.

SweBend Bluetooth Control on US Market

At Fabtech in Chicago SweBend BlueTooth Control Unit was displayed to a broad public.

Run-Off in Poland

Last week a PB3-18-10 was successfully commissioned at Kersten Europe’s Polish plant.

Busy week at Euroblech 2014!

Many new and old contacts found their way to our booth where they could see the new generation of bending machines.

Plate Rolls x 3 !!!

Our new product lines of plate- and section bending machines have been welcome by the demanding customers on the market..

Preparing for Euroblech 2014

At our stand C06 in Hall 11 we will display many interesting innovations, such as wireless control unit “SweBend BT”.

Rim Rolling Machine FM2-30

Special forming machine FM2-30 for various types of rims has been installed and commissioned. This type of machine is available in various sizes and configurations.

Meet us at Euroblech 2014 in Hannover

SweBend & Schwarze-Robitec together at Stand C06 in Hall 11.

Another CNC installation in Holland

SweBend CNC system type “Seven Bronze” was installed and commissioned last week.

Wireless Control Unit

SweBend is proud to introduce a new and amazing wireless control unit for all kinds of bending machines.

New orders for CNC upgrades

Since our new CNC system Seven was released on January 1, we have received several order for new machines as well as for upgrades of old machines.

Opens up a second work shop

Due to all incoming projects and orders we are pleased to announce that we are now expanding with a second location for assembly and overhauling.

SEVEN is now available

We proudly introduce “SweBend SEVEN” CNC software, available for all types and brands of bending machines, regardless design and geometry.

And another fantastic month for SweBend

SweBend continous to grow and keep its focus on customer satisfaction.

What a month!

The last four weeks have been our busiest ever, and there are so many news to present at our website.

Join the team of the future!

As we are rapidly growing, we are looking for new members to our team.

New hardware from SweBend ready for delivery!

SweBend introduces a new digital controller for machines with propo

SB3-140 coming soon

In just a couple of weeks the first SweBend Section Bending Machine type SB3-140 will leave the assembly line.

Today we open our new website!

Finally we are ready to open our website, which has been frequently asked for over the last months.

SweBend is a company specialized in bending and forming technology located in Hässleholm in the very south of Sweden. We’re a team of Swedish bending machine engineers with a top class, [highly skilled reseller network] all over the world. Together we’ve been in the industry for long and through working for the, once considered, world’s best bending machine manufacturer we’ve first handedly experienced and solved the common bending machine issues, clients’ frustrations and poor quality builds. The reputed results delivered by our machines are why world class bending companies such as BarnshawsDanvals and Van Rijsoort choose to work with us. Through our many years of testing, research and collaboration with the best in the industry we have distilled our knowledge into the best bending machines on the market

SweBend is headed by Peter Nilsson, who was the former Managing Director and Director of Technical Services at Roundo.  The staff at SweBend is composed entirely of former Roundo senior staff members, designers, engineers, technicians and assemblymen.
          Our services extend to 
helping you with upgradesspare partsserviceknow-how and anything that you’d might wish for. Contact us (or any of our highly experienced resellers) today regarding your Roundo machine and what services we offer!