We aim to bring you the latest news from our mission of equipping the world’s best manufacturers with the best bending machines on the market. On this page you will find news about all of our bending machines, exhibitions and latest technology updates. All news from SweBend is not published here but we try to bring you noteworthy pieces that will tell the SweBend story.

For us, transparency is important and we want to show you real news images, videos and information from the bending industry.

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SweBend is a company specialized in bending and forming technology located in Hässleholm in the very south of Sweden. We’re a team of Swedish bending machine engineers with a top class, [highly skilled reseller network] all over the world. Together we’ve been in the industry for long and through working for the, once considered, world’s best bending machine manufacturer we’ve first handedly experienced and solved the common bending machine issues, clients’ frustrations and poor quality builds. The reputed results delivered by our machines are why world class bending companies such as BarnshawsDanvals and Van Rijsoort choose to work with us. Through our many years of testing, research and collaboration with the best in the industry we have distilled our knowledge into the best bending machines on the market

SweBend is headed by Peter Nilsson, who was the former Managing Director and Director of Technical Services at Roundo.  The staff at SweBend is composed entirely of former Roundo senior staff members, designers, engineers, technicians and assemblymen.
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helping you with upgradesspare partsserviceknow-how and anything that you’d might wish for. Contact us (or any of our highly experienced resellers) today regarding your Roundo machine and what services we offer!