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The purchase, delivery and installation of Your machine is just the beginning. We will gladly assist You with the training of Your personnel to become full feathered and to produce top quality results through using Your new machine. If You already have an old machine that You would like to upgrade to fit Your new demands we provide spare parts, service or a complete overhaul. We as well guide You through the purchase of an already overhauled machine that is as good as a new and will make you competitive!

Specialists from Roundo

As many of you have heard, in April 2016, following a bankruptcy and ownership transition, Roundo has closed operations in Sweden.
          Since 2013, SweBend has emerged as a leader in plate and angle bending rolls from Sweden.  Located in Hässleholm, the same town as the original Roundo, SweBend is headed by Peter Nilsson, who was the former Managing Director and Director of Technical Services at Roundo.  The staff at SweBend is composed entirely of former Roundo senior staff members, designers, engineers, technicians and assemblymen.
          Customers are quickly seeing that the new choice in bending rolls is SweBend, as evidenced by the multi-million dollar backlog for SweBend machines.

We will help you with upgrades, spare parts, service, know-how and anything that You’d might wish for. Contact us today regarding your Roundo machine!


Even the best machines require skilled operators, and therefore we offer training as well. This can be done in your work shop, using your specific equipment and products, in order to make it as efficient as possible.
We offer general or customer specific training programs for bending, CNC (basic and advanced) and maintenance.

New Machines

SweBend offers a large range of machine models for bending and forming plate, beam, pipe, special sections and much more. The design and functionality is a result of many years experience from the field. Our know-how is achieved in close co-operation with many of the Worlds leading bending companies.

When you invest in a SweBend machine, you can be sure that it will be serving you for a very long time.

Available Machines; New & Used

With a large network of representatives and agents around the World, we also have new and/or used bending and forming machines available for quick delivery.
Ask us for a selection of such machines.

Service & Overhauling

To get maximum performance from your machine (-s), it is important to keep them in good shape. Let us make your next service, and at the same time check the overall machine condition for you.
A smaller repair at an early stage is more economic than a un-expected breakdown later on (and those always come when things are busy, dont they).
We also do full overhauling jobs on old machines. This includes mechanic, hydraulic, electric & CNC.
Modifications & Upgrades of equipment are also done.

Spare Parts

Even at the very best of machines, things can happen and you may need spare parts urgently. This could be an oil filter, a joystick, a push button, an encoder or a hydraulic valve, but regardless which part it is, do not hesitate to ask us for price and delivery time.
Be re-assured we will always do our outmost to get you the replacement part in shortest possible time.

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