Plate Bending

Plate bending

All our plate rolls are ensured to have the maximum torque throughout the entire speed range, not like many competitors only at low speed. We use hydraulic drive for all three rolls as standard. Naturally we have variable speed as standard for all models, to help the operator to produce the best results.

Eliminate flat ends

SweBend is proven to be THE best at eliminating flat ends. Our machines produce forces from the bending rolls high enough to reduce the flat ends to bare minimum. No matter what anyone tells you, in the end its pure force what is comes down to and SweBend produces the strongest machines on the market.

The best rolls for amazing results

Our rolls are induction hardened roll forgings from well-known German steel mills. The roll material is ALWAYS specific to our customer’s purpose which gives the best precision, durability and quality.

Razor sharp bending precision through electronic roll parallelism

For outstanding bending precision our plate bending machines are equipped with a razor sharp roll parallelism technique with a tolerance of +- 0.1mm. This increase of bending precision is powered by control systems from industry famous Beckhoff.

SweBend PB3-18-10 Plate Bending 3 rollSweBend PB3-18-10 Plate Bending 3 roll
SweBend PB3-12-6 Plate Bending 3 Roll (1)SweBend PB3-12-6 Plate Bending 3 Roll (1)
SweBend PB3-12-6 Plate Bending 3 RollSweBend PB3-12-6 Plate Bending 3 Roll
SweBend PB3-12-6 Plate Bending 3 rollSweBend PB3-12-6 Plate Bending 3 roll
SweBend PB3-8-3 Plate Bending 3 RollSweBend PB3-8-3 Plate Bending 3 Roll

3-roll machines

Perfect for bending companies & job shops (see the PB4 for series production). The PB3 series which is the strongest 3 roll machine series ever made is versatile and universal machines.

4-roll machines

The PB4 series with the SweBend SEVEN CNC system is ideal for repetitive series production. The double pinch bending mechanism allows for perfect results in only one passage, which means reduced production time!

SweBend PB4-16-6 to ESCOSweBend PB4-16-6 to ESCO


Bending made easy, fast and great!

Watch our plate rolls in action!

PB3s-22-26 Plate Bending by SweBend

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PB4-12-4 CNC d

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