Revolutionizing Roller Coaster Production

The world have been amused by the thrill, the adrenaline andthe stomach twisting sensation of riding roller coasters ever since the world’sfirst roller coasters, called “Russian Mountains” were invented in the 18thCentury. Today’s roller coasters run, roll, spin and drop faster, all toprovide a more profound experience for the riders! As a result, engineers andbending machine operators producing these brilliant attractions have yettighter calculations and more challenging bending operations to perform. Aboveall, the smoothness of the bent tracks needs to be flawless to provide the bestexperience riding the roller coaster without uncomfortable skips.

SweBend SB3S-240 -1 roller coaster production
SweBend SB3S-240 -1 roller coaster production

Consequently, to meet these demands – better bending machinesare needed, a challenge which the SweBend team has conquered. A feat of thiskind is no match for the SweBend team with world leading SEVEN CNC technology,a Swedish quality mindset and user experience focused development. Meet theSB3S-240, a section bending machine combined with a push and turn unit, bendingtough sections in 3D.

Sophisticated 3D Bending Revolutionizing Roller Coaster Production

SweBend SB3S-240 roller coaster production - section bending
SweBend SB3S-240 roller coaster production – section bending

The SB3S-240 is purposed to take the tedious task of bendingtwelve meter long pipes and reduce the completion time from more than one dayto less than one hour. Simultaneously, removed is the risk of dentswhich compromises the smoothness. Instead of bending in a multitude of passes,with a designated radius control after each pass, the operators can now simulatethe whole operation with SweBendSimulations. The SEVEN CNCsystem calculates, operates and executes the whole bending procedure, with thedesign assistant ADAM setting up theprocess and the precision bending assistant IRMA fine-tuning for unexpected material behavior.

However, the most revolutionizing aspect of this bendingoperation is the simultaneous bending of sections of this size in threedimensions. Only Bending machines from SweBend with this precision and simplifieduser-interface can handle tasks of this difficulty. To achieve this, a vastunderstanding of tolerances (error-margins), statistics, quality components andprofound bending physics is required.

Standard production time reduced by 88%

SweBend SB3S-240 roller coaster production - section bending -2
SweBend SB3S-240 roller coaster production – section bending

A twelve hundred meter long Roller Coaster with double pipesamount to two hundred forty pipes needing to be bent. Calculated by our client,this would take their current production four months to complete. In contrast,working a normal two shift, this feat will be finished in 15 days with theSB3S-240 3D Bending machine. A 88% reduction of production time. Imagine thepossibilities of delivering more roller coasters to the people, faster!

One delivered, Plenty to go !

SweBend CEO, Peter Nilsson
SweBend SB3S-240 roller coaster production - section bending -4
SweBend SB3S-240 roller coaster production – section bending

SweBend finished and delivered this machine at the end of2018. We are already producing yet another machine for a different customer andwe have more prospects lined up. We’re happy to see that worldwide productionis rallying up to increase both production quality and speed – something thatwe’re in the forefront of delivering.

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