SB4B65 & The third industrial revolution – don’t miss out! 

SweBend Seven CNC system
The first industrial revolution (late 18th century) consisted of manual labour switching to mechanical through the implementation of machines, primarily in the textile industry.  The second revolution (early 20th century) started the era of mass production through Henry Ford and his assembly line.

The third industrial revolution

Now the third industrial revolution, powered by brilliant computers, is making its first waves by digitalizing manufacturing. The immense power of computers allow for mass production with mass customization. What used to be years of expertise, days of calculations and then hours of calibration can now be done in just a matter of a few clicks.

How SweBend is upgrading the bending industry

The SweBend team, consisting of the most knowledgeable engineers, distributors and mechanics in the bending industry, have been working tirelessly to convert our combined knowledge into our section bending machines, plate bending machines, forming machines and CNC software, SEVEN. This feat has given the proud owners of our machines top quality bends, more adaptability and higher production rates – all at the cost of a few button presses.
Through bringing our machines online we’ve created direct links to the machine owners, rolling out updates, support, training and requested software adaptations as wished. Imagine your machines being updated automatically, improving your quality and rates effortlessly – this is what the third industrial revolution is bringing to You.

Upgrade your favorite machine

If You already have a machine that you’re happy with, we’d happily to come out for three days and upgrade it with our Seven CNC system. During these three days we will train your team and ease your way into the third industrial revolution. Read more about it here.

The SB4B-65

Check out our Section Bending 4 roll Basic – 65 (SB4B-65) equipped with our CNC system “Seven” rolling a U60 to ID515 II automatically and perfectly.
Yours truly,
The SweBend Team

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