Section Bending

Section Bending machines by SweBend

The market’s strongest Section Bending machines which virtually ELIMINATES flat ends. Experience maximum drive torque throughout the entire speed range and maximize your efficiency by completing bending jobs in fewer passes.

We design, develop and build Section Bending machines with the best return on investment, are you ready to get a quote for yours?

SB3 by SweBendSB3 by SweBend

3-roll machines

The SB3 (Section Bending 3 roll) series feature guide rolls that follow the main bending rolls. The guide rolls are mechanically adjusted to support the material as it enters the machine and to facilitate the rolling of asymmetric sections like angle iron.

4-roll machines

The SB4 (Section Bending 4 roll) series with the SEVEN CNC system is ideal for repetitive series production. The series is powered by our unique hydraulic solution which makes it possible to interpolate ALL machines axis at the same time. Combined with our double pinch bending mechanism you’ll create optimal result in only one pass!

Ask us for special rolls and equipment for 3D bending!

SB4-360 Section Bending Machine by SweBendSB4-360 Section Bending Machine by SweBend
SB4 Section Bending machine by SweBendSB4 Section Bending machine by SweBend
SB4 Twisting unit Section Bending Machine by SweBendSB4 Twisting unit Section Bending Machine by SweBend


Precise Section Bending, Simplified!

Watch our Section Bending machines in action! Drag images for more videos. Looking for photos or videos of a specific bend/machine? Send us a mail and we’ll get back to you!

SweBend Section bending media cover 6SweBend Section bending media cover 6

Get the Section Bending Brochure

We’ve put together capacity tables, information about our bending machines, our control systems and about SweBend. This is all the information you need, condensed into one brochure!

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