4 Roll Section Bending

Section Bending

Discover our powerful hydraulic powered 3-roll Section Bending and 4-roll Section Bending machines (SB3 and SB4 series) and also variable Geometery Machines (VSB3). The series is built with quality steel and perfectly matched components. In the standard range, machine shaft diameters go all the way from 55 mm up to 420 mm.

4-roll Section Bending machines

SweBend has developed a series of 4-roll Section Bending machines, starting with the SB4B-55 and ranging up to the SB4-240S.

  • Type “B” is our basic model 4-roll Section Bending machine without guide rolls
  • Type “S” is with fully hydraulic guide rolls, allowing you to bend and compensate/correct all types of sections

Both 4-roll Section Bending machine types have the same geometry and capacities.

SweBend SB4 - 65S CNC Section bending with twisting unitSweBend SB4 - 65S CNC Section bending with twisting unit
SweBend SB4 - 65S CNC Section bending with twisting unit (2)SweBend SB4 - 65S CNC Section bending with twisting unit (2)
SweBend SB4 - 65S CNC Section bending with twisting unit (3)SweBend SB4 - 65S CNC Section bending with twisting unit (3)

Standard equipment:

  • Polished roll surface
  • Automatic prebending and rolling
  • Tiltable bending rolls
  • Rotational speed variation
  • Oil cooling system
  • Double-pinch pyramid design, enabling pre-bend at both ends of the plate
  • Hardened & Ground roll
  • Electronic control of roll parallelism
  • Four digital readouts (= both roll ends)
  • Wireless control unit with joysticks
  • 3 hydraulic powered rolls by their own respective hydraulic motor
  • SKF bearings only
  • Top electrical & hydraulic components from the best suppliers.
  • Emergency stop button
  • CE-Certification

Optional features:

  • SEVEN – SweBend’s own trademarked Graphical CNC SYSTEM
  • Cone bending device (key or roll)
  • Material ejection devices
  • Special rolls with contour, grooves etc, to allow bending plates with flanges and/or ribs
  • ”Turbo Production” kits
  • Integration in production cells, including communication with other software systems
  • Changeable top roll for small diameters
  • Special color and design
  • Calibration Systems
  • Side supports
  • Top support with electric or hydraulic operation
  • Much more …

All 4-roll Section Bending machine sizes are designed with the know-how SweBend engineers achieved over a long period of year and with extra attention to even the smallest details that truly will make a big difference in the long run. Anyone can build a plate roll but very few know what is required to make it perform and last for decades!

All our 4-roll Section Bending machines have hydraulic drive for all four rolls as standard. For the smaller sizes we use one motor but for the bigger we use two or even three, depending on model and requirement. We ensure maximum torque throughout the entire speed range, not like many competitors only at low speed.

Naturally we have variable speed as standard for all models, to help the operator to produce the best possible parts in the machine.

SweBend design and produce the strongest and most user friendly machines on the market. You can be sure to get the highest drive torque and strongest bending power compared to any other plate roll of the same size.

  • Heavily proportioned machine frames and mechanical parts
  • Top components from the best suppliers.
  • High quality, hardened rolls
  • SKF components, The world famous Swedish Bearing Company

Special requirements – Demand the best, demand a SweBend

With our standard range of models as foundation, we also design & produce special tailor made plate rolls. This can be with a unique roll diameter, roll length or even the shape of the rolls. Request help with integrating the machine in your product line, demand special features and ask for what you think is impossible, we’ll gladly prove you wrong!

Made in Sweden

Means a machine that guarantees the highest quality in all details resulting in longer lifetime, less maintenance & repairs, higher output, better production quality and an unmatched return-on-investment!


Bending made easy, fast and great!

Watch our Section Bending machines create magnificent results. Drag images to the left for more videos.

SweBend Section bending media cover 6SweBend Section bending media cover 6

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