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Precise, powerful and sophisticated

Step into the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution ..

About the SEVEN CNC: “Increased material demands and tighter tolerances makes bending more difficult. The increased difficulty calls for increased simplicity. Don’t let the new durability demands constrain your creativity. Meet SEVEN, the most powerful CNC system with an intuitive, graphical interface – it’s the pure result of precision bending, simplified.

– Peter Nilsson, CEO SweBend

SEVEN is adaptable

Perfectly matched to your requirements

No two bending applications are the same. Many factors, including material size and thickness, mechanical properties, spring back, diameter, etc. can influence the bending requirements necessary to roll an acceptable part. With the SweBend Seven CNC control, we can help take the guess work out of your rolling operation. The powerful operating environment in the Seven CNC can easily accommodate minor variations that are commonly found in all materials, which gives you the ultimate control over the entire rolling process. SweBend can optimize the number of CNC-controlled axes for your specific bending requirements.

The power of “Seven”

The Seven CNC control is available in several versions depending on your specific requirements. Choose from CPUs with differing processing speeds, touch screen monitors from 6.5” to 19”, enhanced software features and the number of CNC- controlled axes.

All Seven CNC controls feature components from Beckhoff of Germany, ensuring top quality and a stable hardware platform for years to come, and all systems come with online support via TeamViewer to assist you with programming questions and troubleshooting any issues with the machine.

In addition, the Seven CNC control can be adapted to integrate your auxiliary equipment, such as robots, material handling equipment, etc.

SweBend CNC Control panel
Operation list CNC seven

SEVEN is adaptable

As it is not uncommon for a workshop to have a variety of brands and types of rolling machines, the SEVEN CNC system is designed to fit them all. SEVEN CNC gives the operators a familiar interface, regardless of the type of machine they are using. This also shortens the learning curve for new operators, as the interface looks and operates the same way.

SEVEN is faster

Not only is the SEVEN CNC system faster and easier to use, it also makes your machine perform better, allowing increased production rates and improved quality due to the improved positioning accuracy and repeatability. The net result is happier customers and increased business.

SEVEN is faster
SweBend CNC seven control panel

SEVEN is expandable

The ability to add additional functionality to the machine is critical to maintaining competitiveness. A new product may require a different type of support or tooling and buying a new machine for this should not be required. The SEVEN CNC system can be adapted for almost any accessory, which can be easily integrated into the CNC control for accurate and repeatable operation.

From analog to SEVEN control in three days!

swebend Seven system

Day One:

The machine’s functions are tested and verified. data from the old systems  read out if  possible. The cabinet is then rebuilt and the control panel swapped to the new one.

swebend Seven system

Day Two:

The software is tuned to get the optimal result out of the machine,both in speed and accuracy. meanwhile, the operators are trained in programming the software

swebend Seven system

Day Three:

Training continues and is finally finished with the operators being assisted  in writing some of the old programs into SEVEN.

swebend Seven system

Add the Bluetooth Control Unit!

With our unique wireless control device the operator remains in charge but is no longer tied to a stationary control. We listened to our customers and developed a revolutionary control unit that can be used to control almost any type of bending machine in the industry. The SweBend Bluetooth Control Unit allows full control over the operation by letting you control the machine from the best and safest working position.

View the Bluetooth Control Unit and SEVEN-CNC catalogues below:

SweBend CNC seven control panel

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